Prioritizing Yourself, Your Health, & Wellness As A Parent

I’m sure that almost everyone who has children can agree that once you have them, you prioritize them. As you begin your journey through parenthood, you begin you realize that

Knowing Your Why

Everyone has a reason they go to the gym, some reasons may be more simple, whereas some may be more complex. For the average person, they may go to the

I Made it to the Gym… Now What?

Ok, you’ve finally decided you’re ready to get make a change! You decided which gym you liked (given the options can be overwhelming), you’re all signed up and you made

No One is Perfect; Including You

It’s Friday night and you are out with friends. You decide to go off plan for the night and enjoy a beer and some wings. Before you know it, it’s

Athletic Kulture Support System for All

I know many people think of Athletic Kulture as just a gym people go to get big. Full of judgemental individuals who will look down on none athletic individuals. These

The Importance of Tracking While Working Towards a Goal

Goals are great to have in many different aspects of our life. Whether it’s goals for your education or career, health and wellness, bucket list or anything in between, it

Building Confidence in the Gym – Part 1

Wherever you are in your fitness journey right now, think back to the first time you set foot in a gym. You probably had no clue where to start, where

Lacking Motivation

Happy Friday AKer’s! Wow, it is a cold one out there today! Who else is itching for a sunny vacation? Speaking of vacation, are you the type of person who