Progress Over Perfection


Progress means to move forward, to develop, and as humans, we seek progression daily in all aspects of our lives. Progression is not always linear, but over time allows for us to continuously advance.

So why should we treat fitness any differently? We hear this often, in fact at some point you may have even said it,

“I had one meal off, screw it” or “I missed my training/cardio, I’ll start again next week”

These are the statements and the mindset that is consistently stopping you from progressing towards your fitness goals.

It’s not always about being perfect, in fact, no one will ever be perfect

But it’s about consciously making the decision to continue to progress and work towards your goals no matter what gets thrown your way. Some days you may not be able to give your goals 100% or your full capabilities but even if you have 70% to give, and you give it, that’s 100% of your ability that day, not only is that progress towards your goals, that’s also progress in your mindset.

Every day we get to make the conscious decision to try to work on our goals, to progress and improve in whichever way it is we desire, not every day will be easy, but you are always one step closer to some form of improvement, and every single day, that small improvement adds up.