Balancing Act: The Life of a Student Athlete

Being a student athlete is like juggling multiple balls in the air; you have to find the perfect rhythm to keep them from falling. Balancing schoolwork, training sessions, practice, and

Maximizing Athletic Performance: Tips for Balancing Lifting & a Demanding Athletic Schedule

For dedicated athletes and sports enthusiasts, maintaining a rigorous practice schedule is essential to improve skills and achieve peak performance. However, combining this demanding practice routine with regular strength training

How The Gym Changed My Mindset About My Weight

As someone always tall, and with a bigger frame, I always thought I was overweight. I was insecure for years and even though my football position required me to be

How to Survive Your Partner’s First Bodybuilding Competition Prep

What to Expect Your partner has decided to compete in their very first bodybuilding competition. You are fairly newly introduced to fitness as a whole and have no idea what

A Season Change as an Athlete: The Post-Show

As soon as the competition season comes around it starts to wrap up for some competitors. Those who competed in earlier shows are beginning their reverse diets and improvement season.

The Importance of Rest Days as an Athlete

As an athlete that was new to lifting, I was addicted to the gym. While playing football every day I was also lifting usually twice a day if not only

Returning to Competition

In the fitness world or the competitive sports field, there will always be coaches, trainers nutritionists, and/or specialists to help you along the way and to improve your skills as

My Bulk

As a woman, the thought of eating to intentionally gain weight or size had always been a demonized concept to me. In a world that seems to define femininity as