A Season Change as an Athlete: The Post-Show

Athlete doing cardio during post-show time.

As soon as the competition season comes around it starts to wrap up for some competitors. Those who competed in earlier shows are beginning their reverse diets and improvement season.

It’s easy to feel lost post-show when you have spent weeks preparing for this one day to showcase your absolute best. It has finally ended. Many competitors experience the post-show blues because they miss the prep. At this point, it’s imperative to set up a plan post-show, receive judges’ feedback, and jump right back into their regular routine. This will keep you accountable and set you up for a productive off-season.

Missing the Stage

Coming off stage and creating a plan will keep you excited post-show, excited to improve instead of missing the stage. There is always something to get better at, so I would make the absolute maximum of all the post-show training sessions, especially with the extra food. I would continue posing, and still incorporate cardio. Remember that nailing your reverse and utilizing your improvement season optimally will make you a more competent competitor. As you enter your improvement season, so is your competition. Don’t let yourself be outworked. This is the time to improve weak areas so the next time you step on stage you showcase something even better than the previous competition season.

Moving Forward

It’s a pleasure to look back and reminisce about your season. However, an improvement season is equally as exciting as a preparation season, which is an essential part of competing. Don’t be disappointed that your season is “over”, be excited to transition into another essential part of bodybuilding, growth and improvement.