What Type of Cardio is the BEST for Fat Loss?

What Type of Cardio is the BEST for Fat Loss?

This is a super common question, that I have gotten asked many times over the years from clients. The fitness industry is filled with new pieces of cardio equipment that are said to be the most innovative and promise you the best results of your fitness journey. Unfortunately, these are usually just new businesses trying to make money and reinvent the wheel. Sure, new pieces of cardio equipment can make things more fun- which can actually help with your fat loss journey. However, it is not the equipment that is going to get you the results that you are after.

So what IS the best type of cardio for fat loss? The best type of cardio is the type of cardio that you are going to enjoy and be CONSISTENT with. This could be anything from an incline walk on the treadmill, elliptical, swimming, playing tennis, or even weightlifting circuits. The main goal when trying to burn fat doing cardio is where your heart rate is. Typically, you want to stick around 120-140bpm. Less than this, you are not optimal for fat loss and anything more than this you are typically moving into an anaerobic state where you are going to work on more cardiovascular endurance.

Also, listen to your body when it comes to picking your type of cardio. For example, someone with bad knees might want to pick something with less impact on the joints. Swimming laps, elliptical, recumbent bike, etc. are all great options and as long as you are raising your heart rate, you are going to burn fat!

Most importantly- make it fun. Listen to your favourite podcast, make yourself little challenges each week to better your previous week’s times, or do cardio with a friend. The BEST form of cardio is the type that you are going to stay CONSISTENT with.