How The Gym Changed My Mindset About My Weight

Football player ready to throw the ball.

As someone always tall, and with a bigger frame, I always thought I was overweight. I was insecure for years and even though my football position required me to be substantial, and I was tall I often thought I needed to lose weight.

Getting a Membership

Until I got my membership at Athletic Kulture and started working out consistently, I was consistently in the mindset that I would be in the gym to lose weight. The people around me in the gym taught me that most people in the gym actually wanted to gain weight.


This shifted my whole “get skinny” mentality into a more healthy (for me) mentality of getting as bulky and strong as I can. This mindset also taught me to be less insecure and made me okay with my body fat percentage. As I started to add a bit of muscle I started loving myself more and more, and finally breaking free of my insecurities. I transitioned from skipping social events because I didn’t want to take my shirt off, to being totally okay with it.

My Advice

If you feel insecure or unsure about what you want to look like, don’t just stick with the “get slim fast” mindset as it isn’t always suitable for everyone. Talk to the staff, members, and trainers at Athletic Kulture. They were the ones that freed me from my poor mindset, and we would all be happy to help anyone.