Embrace Your New Gym Journey: Overcoming Intimidation and Comparison

New comers to a gym in a workout class together.

If you are a regular gym rat your gym becomes like a “home away from home”.  Or at least like another room in your home…and going there should feel good.

“Feeling Good” about your gym makes all the difference in the world because when motivation is low, we rely on the discipline and habit of going anyway.

This is difficult when you are new to a gym, you don’t know where everything is, you don’t know how everything works, and you don’t know anyone to ask because you’re new.

When I joined Athletic Kulture and Jacob gave me the tour I really appreciated it.  They have been great but it still wasn’t easy.

Here’s Where I Struggled…

  1. Comparing myself to others
  2. Not knowing what some of the equipment was for
  3. Comparing myself to others lol

AK has some advanced athletes, and I found it a challenge to grab my 50s when someone my age and height was grabbing 75s to do the same movement.

I had to learn that the ONLY person I can compare myself with is ME.  I am my ONLY adversary.  I am my BEST (and sometimes only) cheerleader and although I have a coach I AM my own BEST COACH.

Feeling Intimidated

If you are feeling intimidated by starting up at a new gym like AK or even if you are starting again AGAIN please think about these tips from someone who has started again MANY times and has been to almost EVERY gym you can think of…

  1. YOU are the only person you should compare yourself to.
  2. YOU are WORTH THE INVESTMENT it takes to be a member at a GREAT GYM (like Athletic Culture)
  3. YOU belong here because although you may look or be different than your fellow members THEY are different too, and we all need each other so we don’t feel completely ALONE in pursuing our health goals.
  4. SEE a new gym as a NEW opportunity to commit to consistent habits, try new machines and movements and become part of a new community

Hope this helps you.