Lacking Motivation

Happy Friday AKer’s! Wow, it is a cold one out there today! Who else is itching for a sunny vacation? Speaking of vacation, are you the type of person who when they know a trip is coming up, especially if you are going to be wearing a bathing suit, add on extra cardio, eat a bit less, and maybe skip out on dessert leading up to the trip? A lot of us are like that, we want to feel good and look good on vacation. Having that goal helps us to stay motivated and consistent because we know there is an end in sight. So it makes sense that when you’re working out just for health, there really is no “end” and the motivation can easily die out. How do we keep up that motivation day in and day out? I have a secret for you. We don’t. When motivation runs out, you’re going to need some hard-core discipline. Set your alarm, get your butt to the kitchen and cook a good meal, and call up a friend to keep you accountable. Do whatever you need to do because giving up is never an option. Remember you are so much stronger than you think. Just a little motivation for your weekend ahead.

Perfectly Paula

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