Knowing Your Why

Knowing Your Why

Everyone has a reason they go to the gym, some reasons may be more simple, whereas some may be more complex.

For the average person, they may go to the gym to improve their health, for physical changes, to improve mood, or simply to get moving. These are all great reasons to go to the gym, and for a vast majority of people, this will be their ‘why’.

Some may be athletes, working towards bettering their abilities for their sport. As an athlete, it’s important to know what to do, but beyond that, it comes down to knowing why you want this and the deeper meaning behind all of your hard work.

As humans our deepest level of needs comes from ‘self-actualization’ and that is our ability to realize our full potential, and work every day in pursuit of that potential. This can translate into any area of our life, especially areas in which we are passionate. For me personally, it’s waking up every day, going to the gym, and pushing my limits daily, because it lights my soul on fire, and not directly for any potential reward.

Self-actualization isn’t an endgame, it’s a constant pursuit, and it’s not definitive of one singular moment, although there will be moments that stand out. Steps towards self-actualization are to live true to yourself, enjoy moments for what they are, as they come, and appreciate yourself and your personal potential.

If there is one main takeaway from this, it should be to live as authentically as you can. Although you may not be an athlete, fitness may be one outlet that becomes a stepping stone for finding your true self or realizing your potential as a person. Every day is a constant pursuit of your purpose, but the most important thing is to show up every single day for yourself.


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