Injuries as an Athlete

Injuries as an athlete

As a high-performance athlete in one of the most physical and rough sports in the world, I have been injured a lot. If you play sports and get injured often, or would like to prevent further injuries there are a few things that I can recommend that have helped me get back to the field ASAP. The first thing is; don’t avoid the gym, but take it easy. It is easy for an injured athlete to say “I’m injured so I shouldn’t be going to the gym” or something more along the lines of “I don’t want to lose my muscle and lifting will numb the pain.” Always speak to a licensed doctor or physiotherapist before returning to the gym, but in most cases, it is okay to return, with a modified plan. There is always a healthy balance between nurturing your injury back to health and aggravating it more. The second thing I will recommend is keeping a healthy diet, and drinking lots of water. Keeping hydrated is always important but especially important when looking to heal up and return to your sport. If you happen to be unlucky in the fact that your injury keeps you immobilized, be sure to keep a healthy diet to attempt to ensure that when you are able to get back to work you have not put on or taken off too much-unwanted weight. Finally, move at your own/the injury’s pace. Do not push yourself too hard or you will end up taking much longer to heal. Work at a good pace that feels good for you and does not attempt to accelerate the timeline that your body has set. Ultimately be safe and try to stay out of the injury list! Have fun and happy lifting!

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