Balancing Fitness and Fun: Embrace Vacation Guilt-Free.

Woman enjoying her vacation floating in the sea.

When you’re seeing progress, getting stronger, losing fat, putting on size or whatever your goal may be, it may become difficult to wrap your head around taking a week or two off for vacation.

The first thing I want to say is:


Life is to be Enjoyed

And what’s one of the most enjoyable things for most of us, that we look forward to? Vacation. So why stress yourself out over what’s supposed to be an exciting, adventurous, or relaxing time?

If there’s a gym nearby where you’re going, try to get there a few days a week (don’t spend your whole vacation in the gym!). If there’s no gym, find ways to be active! This gets you out in your environment soaking in the beauty of wherever you are while also being active. Double whammy!

As I write this I am currently sitting in my hometown on vacation in a rural coastal fishing village in Newfoundland. There is a population of about 500 people, and there certainly is no gym in sight. So what do you do in this scenario??

Go for a walk, bike ride,  hike, or do a home workout. I brought my resistance bands with me, so today I’m going to try a home workout featuring bands only. But most of all, if I don’t get a workout or some variation of activity – I am not being hard on myself.

Again… we’re not going to lose it all if we’re not perfect for a week or two.

What About Food & Drink??

Enjoy yourself! If you’re regimented, this may be the only time of year you’ll allow yourself to stray from the program. So (within reason) go for it! If you had a particularly bad lunch, perhaps be mindful at dinner or vice versa. But eat the delicious food! I personally find myself eating all the things, but just smaller portions.

Allow Yourself a Little Grace

You work hard all year in the gym, in your job, with your family. Take this time to enjoy yourself with no worries.

And if you get home and realize you’re up a pound or two… well it’s probably just a little bloat and a few days back on your regularly scheduled program should get you right back where you left off. It’s not all going to go to s**t in a week or two.

Fitness in all its shapes and forms should be a way to celebrate your body. Give yourself grace and enjoy our trip! Bongoyage!