Balancing Summer & Goals

Friends having fun outside in the summer.

As summer approaches so do social events. It’s easy to get extremely distracted from your goals, or be too critical of yourself and miss out. I believe that as summer approaches it’s imperative to be realistic and consider all factors. Our goals propel us forward daily, but memories and special moments also propel us forward. To assume one is more meaningful than the other is unrealistic. As humans, it is essential to find fulfillment.

Goals Can Be a Very Broad Term

This can refer to not only physical goals in the gym but also encompass all other significant goals in other areas of our lives. It’s so easy to allow these goals to run our lives, to work towards them, and as worthwhile as it can be to constantly work towards them, it’s easy to get lost in this and forget to find fulfillment in other areas of your life, to lack connection, feelings, and experience. Potentially, this could be when we stagnate in these goals. We can only pour from a cup for so long until we run it dry, and need a refill. Everyone’s threshold for how much they have to give is different, and I believe it can only be determined through reflection and internal feelings. At this point it’s critical to reflect on yourself and what you need as a person, the importance of your goals, and how much you have to give.

Fulfillment Can Mean Something Different for Everyone

For one it could be heading out for a walk and watching the sunset. For another, it could be going out with friends. At the end of the day, it comes down to considering the things we do. It also comes down to what we do that makes us feel full after doing it. These are all activities that make you appreciate the life you are lucky enough to live. As significant as goals can be, these moments and feelings are equally as important. This is because they give you the energy to succeed in your goals, motivation, and passion.

The Takeaway

The key takeaway is that there is no secret recipe for staying on track or enjoying your summer. This “secret recipe” is the recipe for what you need to be the most positive person you can be, to feel the happiest you can feel. What this means for one person is completely different for the next person. You will only find this through self-reflection, and figuring out what you need as a person to reach your goals, and to become happy and fulfilled.