3 Tips for Weight Loss

Cycling class working out to lose weight.

Happy Monday AKer’s! I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend. I did nothing but sleep in, read and watch romantic rom-com (not complaining though!). I thought I’d spend this blog post discussing some tips and tricks for weight loss. For some people losing weight can be HARD. Stubborn fat deposits, especially found in areas like the lower belly, back of the arms and upper legs, are usually the toughest to mobilize and therefore the last to get rid of. Here are three tips that can help you lose those fat deposits for good:

  1. Stay consistent. This is the biggest tip! In order to see long-lasting results, you have to stay consistent. This doesn’t mean NEVER having that dessert or glass of wine (everything in moderation), but continuing on the next day with your regular eating and exercising.

  2. Cardio is NOT the only solution. You need to incorporate weight training to strengthen your muscles underneath the fat layers. The more muscle you build, the more calories that will be burnt, even during rest!

  3. Eat a balanced healthy whole foods diet. Don’t cut out food groups! You need protein, carbohydrates AND fat in your meals. Avoid highly processed foods and sugars which offer little to no nutritional value and are considered “empty calories”.

There you have it! Three tips to help with weight loss. Remember living a balanced healthy lifestyle is not a sprint, it is a marathon. You’re going to have setbacks and rough days, but getting back up and moving forward is key.

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